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Picture Clinic

You are welcome to send a picture for constructive feedback

If you are an aspiring photographer and would like some practical, real-world feedback about one of your pictures you can send it to me here.

I cannot critique every picture personally, but I will send you an email if I publish it in an article with my feedback about your picture. It may appear in my bi-weekly column, or in this Photography School website,  etc.

Email your picture
Please include your name, country or city, and the circumstances in which you took the picture - these details are helpful when I'm writing the article. Click here to email ...
Your email address will only be used to contact you if your picture is published.

TIP: How to email a small-sized version of your picture
Many photo editors used to view and catalogue pictures on your computer have an Email button: After selecting a picture you click the button and it automatically opens up a new email containing a small-sized version of your picture.

For both PCs and Macs you can use Picasa, free to download from Google.

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